Kelly’s Story

Kelly Humphries (Kel) was born in Queensland, Australia and while life may not have gone her way, she has learnt to overcome, conquer and turn adversity into a pillar of strength.

It has been her lifelong dream to help others transform their lives and realise their potential, not only in their personal lives, but their professional lives also. Kelly is the author the highly praised memoir, ‘Unscathed Beauty’ a powerful journey of abuse, hope and recovery.

Unscathed Beauty

a book of hope and love… courage and resilience…

~ Sonya Ryan
Founder and CEO, The Carly Ryan Foundation

Kelly was barely 8 when she was shown, ‘what it was like to love.’ The bravery it took her to break her silence 11 years later will move you, as piece by piece she brings her shards of shattered innocence together to discover her Unscathed Beauty.

With a vulnerability and rawness rarely seen, this journey will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. Kelly’s darkest fight becomes her brightest light as she fearlessly reaches into the heart of child abuse and betrayal.

Kelly’s story will ultimately equip and empower you with strategies, ideas, insight, love and hope.

Praise for Kelly

You were amazing Kelly, you are blossoming – watching you taking your power back is like watching the first rose bud on a massive bush unfurl. Spectacularly beautiful. Xxx

Hetty Johnston AM

Founder and CEO, Bravehearts