Kelly Humphries

Transformational Speaker, Results and Trauma Coach, Author , John Maxwell Certified Team Member

About Kelly Humphries

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Kelly Humphries (Kel) was born in Queensland, Australia and while life may not have gone her way, she has learnt to overcome, conquer and turn adversity into a pillar of strength.

It has been her lifelong dream to help others transform their lives and realise their potential, not only in their personal lives, but their professional lives also.

As a Transformational Speaker, Results and Trauma Coach, Author and Member of The John Maxwell Team, Kel has worked hard and developed the skills to help you reach your goals, find your passion, conquer your fears and unleash your Unscathed Beauty.

By unlocking her own fears and failures Kel utilises her many experiences in life to bring change, inspire hearts, re-engage, give perspective and remind us of what’s important.

She draws from her trials and tribulations of being an athlete with more than 20 years of experience, the highs and lows of being a Police Officer, right down to the depths of her childhood nightmare to bring you a powerful message of support, hope, love and truth.

Be sure to book Kelly Humphries for your next event, open your heart, your mind and engage in this experience that will speak to your soul.

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