About Kelly

Kelly Humphries (Kel) was born in Queensland, Australia and while life may not have gone her way, she has learnt to overcome, conquer and turn adversity into a pillar of strength.

It has been her lifelong dream to help others transform their lives and realise their potential, not only in their personal lives, but their professional lives also.

Kelly is the author of ‘Unscathed Beauty’ a powerful memoir of abuse, hope and recovery.

Kel is a highly regarded survival to success strategist and speaker. She works with individuals, organisations and community groups to break down the impact and stigma of trauma. She has won multiple awards including an International Women’s Day award in 2016 for Courage and Integrity, and in 2017, she was only one of three Police Officers awarded the QBANK Everyday Hero Award, in the category of Excellence.

With an international psychology degree, a successful international sporting career, a certification with the John Maxwell team in leadership, a results coach and over 10 years in policing, Kelly has had a career which positions her as one of Australia’s foremost experts in navigating the road from trauma to triumph and recovery.

She is a compelling speaker, and regular blogger providing information and advice through social media platforms. Her extraordinary work not only supports the lives of victims and survivors, but their families, their employers and all police, community and service providers affected by trauma in their own lives or through the work they do.

Kelly continues to challenge her own voice and step up in a space few would dare enter but when she is not challenging herself in this way she enjoys time with her partner, fishing, camping and playing with her two beautiful dogs.
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