And so the journey begins…

Kelly Humphries and Hetty Johnston

imageWhat an amazing night last night was! I was so priveledged to speak to the Incredible Soroptimist International women of Beenleigh, share my journey and give some tips for learning how to overcome. Among many hugs and blessings I felt completely among friends and was honoured with the company and support of the amazing Hetty Johnston. Hetty is in the midst of an electoral campaign and still managed to find time to support me. A woman of integrity and certainly an incredible female leader. I learnt not to judge myself too harshly last night; the women I was able to speak to each took something different from what we were able to share. There were nods of affirmation and one lady said “you’re right… I do have a dream in my pocket, and now I’m going to out and get it…” She was probably about 65 or so… I do hope she chases her dream, and it just shows that no matter how old you are, daring to dream is an enlivening experience which is only limited by you ability to overcome your fears.


The lovely Hetty Johnston who was able to attend and showed her support. Thankyou Hetty!