Step 1- Knowing you need a plan- committing to the idea.

Knowing why you need a personal development plan is essential.
It doesn’t need to be hard… or complicated… but failing to plan, is planning to fail…

The older I get, the fatter, wrinklier I seem to become and the less I seem to know about some things. While I am not too old, I find that no matter where you go, or who you are- In the words of Ellen DeGeneres “I believe that we can all come together because if you take away the labels, we’re all far more alike than we are different.”

We all get caught up in life. We all seek happiness, love, contentment and satisfaction. For the majority of us, it is a battle. Some of us are better fighters than others, but that does not mean there is not a warrior within capable of withstanding huge adversity and still succeeding. Many of us are restless. I know I am. I know what I want and I can see it… and I am hungry for it.screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-10-28-19-pm

It has not just come over night, and I am far from reaching my goal. I have realized that the childhood adversity I have experienced has cost me greatly in terms of my self-esteem, personal value and my progression. It seems, I have failed time and again.

But despite all that, I have learnt a great deal about myself, how to overcome adversity and with clever planning and support, still achieved incredible things. I believe we all have that #UnscathedBeauty inside of us- the part that no matter what adversity rears it’s head, we hold on to- it is the very core of who we are, our unique and incredible heartbeat. when life beats us up and pulls us off track, sometimes, we don’t even know if we have a heart beat!

I understand that it takes time, discipline and determination to achieve. The world has changed and I sometimes feel caught up in all that is around me. Social media, problems at work, problems with life, illness and injury… This thing called life is damn distracting! It is always going to happen and while I feel like sometimes there is no point… I have come too far to fail because I have not set myself up to succeed.

This is why you need a personal development plan: because we live in a world of chaos, and chaos rules if you cannot hold your own clarity and focus. That is the first step- understanding that you need some kind of plan in order to achieve.

Without a destination, you are just a ship floating on the ocean, running adrift wherever the wind takes you.

I can look at the Internet and find thousands of very overwhelming ways to make a personal development plan… and its seems a little complicated. Being the uncomplicated farm girl that I am I have come up with my own way to do this- and its really simple.

I want to share this with you and help you get set to be the best that you can be, for yourself, your family and your community. You deserve the opportunity to make your mark on this world. So, start thinking about some of these things to get your head in the right space.

What would you like to achieve in your life? What are you passionate about?

I will share with you how you can start achieving in leaps and bounds in 2017 with my 5-point plan for total success.

Stay tuned for part two of being getting set to achieve in 2017



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Happy New Year


Hey Guys! Are you ready for 2017?IMG_0055 copy

I know I am getting well and truly set with a new and exciting personal development plan. In trying to run the same race each year and not always doing so well, I want to make sure I set myself up this year to achieve all I want, so I can have an incredibly successful year.

Throughout 2016 I have spoken to many people across the community about sexual violence and how important it is to be brave and break the cycle! My book #UnscathedBeauty is coming along nicely, and I am starting to delve press into areas I have been too afraid or self-conscious to do. I have a huge and exciting plan and I cannot wait to walk it out!

I have struggled immensely up until now, within myself, and fought many internal battles to get to this point, but I have grown exponentially.

What I didn’t realise, as I have undertaken the journey of writing my book and starting to speak about what happened, is just how far reaching the effects of the abuse went and how much of my life had changed as a result. I know that the course I have been steered I am using to do things I never thought I would, and in many ways trying to help people overcome. What I also know is that these effects come when you
least expect them. Things like fearing confrontation. Pleasing others. Acting out of guilt and so many other things.

So, I took myself awaimg_6672y on a 10-day intensive challenge where I dealt with some of my demons from my past; that being the sexual abuse that occurred at the hands of my uncle. I went camping in a place with very few people; in fact I was mostly alone for the best part of 10 days in the bush. I underwent an incredible transformation within myself during this time.

While I was away, I started to come up with my own personal development plan. How I was going to walk free from that past and step into a new and wonderful success that belonged to me. That I was free and fully capable of achieving this success.

Over the next 5 blogs, I will share the process of how I set my personal success plan for 2017. It is called, Kel’s 5-point plan- to achieve the best success for yourself in 2017.

So please take a moment to peruse my plan, and use as your own – or in fact, I encourage you to use mine as a template to create your own plan. One that fits you.

Bless you and best wishes for an absolutely incredible 2017- STAY SAFE! STAY TUNED!



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Happy Holidays and best wishes


As Christmas dawns on the horizon- and is already upon us I remember the sweet innocence of those twinkling lights, the star on the tree and how we rocked along to Disney’s Christmas Carols – singing our hearts out like the sweet little birds that we were as kids- or maybe not so sweet!

While we innocently waited for Santa to come and bring his sack full of toys, with absolute wonderment and joy and we revelled in the moments of true connection and love, as life waged its war with time we became like the crinkles in the corner of our eyes. Lost in time.

We pitter patted around and put cookies and milk out for Santa, carrots for the reindeer… and we would be in bed early because, ‘He see’s you when your sleeping- and knows when your awake.’ So quickly and seeded with anticipation we would wait for the first one to wake up on Christmas morning… and the screaming and excitement would begin.

I cry as I write this, because I realise what I have missed and what I mourn… What my heart aches for and what life does to us if we don’t keep things in check. As a survivor of Sexual abuse, I have learnt this phenomenon of the ‘inner child.’

I might point out I thought this was all very cliché. But I come to realise very quickly that my innocence, that child was part of me and still is. We all have the memories of our youth that shape and mould us. We all still have that beautiful innocence and joy of children within us- we just forget it is there when life and adversity rears its head and we are forced to act like adults.

I remember how much fun I had at Christmas, and yet the dark sadness of what lay beneath and what was happening would see the simple joys fade like a moment of sunshine flittering in and out behind dark clouds. I was not like the other kids.

My little girl was stolen from me by my Uncle; just like joy may be stolen from you, through situation or circumstance, or maybe just pain… I lost her. I lost her sweet song and her dance in the pain of my innocence lost. My #UnscathedBeauty: all that I am, all that I was meant to be. My laughter and smiles- where did that unbridled laughter go?

It became tinged with deceit. That’s where it went. It become chained by fear and lost in the feeling that no place was safe, and the world was scary. I had to grow up, just so I could live.

Maybe you had to grow up too…really fast. Maybe you are holding on for all you feel you are worth. Perhaps you feel that have no more strength. No time. No money. Perhaps you have forgotten the beautiful wonderful things in this life Maybe your little inner child gone into hiding and you don’t know where they went.

img_6641That’s ok- I only just found her myself skipping around the Christmas tree and singing Christmas carols.

Do the things that make you smile! Build a cubby house or do a colouring in picture. Turn the sprinkler on, run underneath it and laugh like you don’t care. Lick the bowl when you make your next cake and let it smear all over your face…
Look at the people around you and take joy in the simplicity.

It’s is not about things and stuff… They won’t matter later. Love matters and #connectionmatters. Take time to connect with people. Connection creates healing.

So, from my family to yours have an incredible, simple, connected and loving Christmas, filled with innocence, joy and uninhibited laughter!

Much Love- Kel xo

IMG_0055 copy

Your Unscathed Beauty is everything you are, and everything that you are meant to be.

You are not your past. You are not your pain. You are more than what you see in your physical self. You are more than the voices you hear about who you are. You are more than a label, or a passing phase.

You matter. You are designed for a purpose and that is why you are unique.

There is nothing that compares to the #human spirit. Your spirit. The will to survive, the courage and strength it takes to face your deepest of fears.
Your #UnscathedBeauty lives in you and beckons to you to come out and reveal yourself to the world. The light inside you, which can shine brighter than you have ever dreamed. It is that thing in you that aches, screams and eats at you. It doesn’t let you rest because it is your call; your #destiny.

It is also who you choose to become when the world throws ‘life’ at you. It is what you hold on to when times get hard, as they do in life. Let it be the light of the beauty in you that leads you, not the dark that deceives you.

Your Unscathed Beauty is all that you can be- and you own it. It is yours and no person or situation can take it from you.

Hold onto it, nurture it and then- Unleash it!

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There is not one quote by Kelly

There is not one

It started when I was a teen…a broken and rejected soul who fought make sense of the world. My ideal was a figment of my own imagination, and imagination was utilised to make sense of a distorted reality. Somewhere in the void and the darkness, I believed that there was a reason for what was happening, and had been happening since I was just a little girl. There had to be a purpose for why I was being sexually abused by my uncle. I made excuses, I hid, I was brave and held my own to protect my secret. Our secret.


I aimed for perfection, in favour of rejection.

I mourned innocence, in favour of reverence and significance.

I battled my pride in the tears that were my friend in the night.

I made it better by helping other people, encouraging and doing what I could to make the world a better place than I knew it to be.

One day… I would help girls and boys like me. One day, people would know and I would make a difference. Fear was my friend, because when I was afraid, I knew I was still okay, and I could feel something. Fear was also my enemy because that vision of helping other people has eaten at me for too long, and kept me bound in a shadow of who I could be. I am not sorry. Why? Because I am becoming the best version of who I am, and I have needed to undertake this journey in order to heal and get myself into a position to do this.

I am ready now; thank you for waiting for me!

When I was happy, which was the most part of my childhood, I held on to it. I loved the bush, I loved the smell of mum’s cooking and I loved being an athlete. I was a good athlete. I wanted to be an Olympian and I held tight to that dream… That dream saved me. That dream and the love and blessings of the people around me have grounded me and reminded me of what is important and who I am.

What is ‘Unscathed Beauty’ and what does it mean to unleash it?

It is your heart and your soul.

It is your passion and your vision.

It is your freedom and your hope.

It is your strength and your value.

It is who you were made to be; your dreams spoken, and unspoken.

It is you … and it is me. It is every person who has ever been in a dark place and felt brokenness, dismay, shame or guilt just to name a few.

It is for anyone who has faced adversity and still struggles to find their identity, especially in this chaotic world. Maybe you have been able to rise above that. Maybe you have been able to conquer your darkness. Or maybe you are like me and darkness comes every now and then and you are still learning how to claw your way out. The truth is, there is never a reason for child abuse, but I can turn my circumstances into a cornerstone of strength. I can choose now to make a difference. See I never knew, and he never said… it was a selfish ambition which did not belong to me, but to my perpetrator.

You see, Unscathed Beauty is all that you are, and that which you fight for. It is that thing that you hold onto when there seems to be nothing left within you. It is how you survive.

It is the beauty and the joy that is innately you that no predator, paedophile, abuser or set of adverse circumstances can touch. No person can take it, and no person can make it. It is yours; it is your gift to the world, and it is absolutely amazing and beautiful. It is your Unscathed Beauty.

It is also the title of my book. It is part of my journey, but not all. It has taken some time to answer the challenge of my teens… but I am here now. How? Well I have held onto hope and love. I grasped hold of who I am, and my Unscathed Beauty – now I am unleashing it. I am walking in the freedom of who I am and learning, every day, just how bold I can be.

Walking with Wendy, what can I say…?

I met Wendy just over 18 months ago at a public event where she spoke very passionately about her work. She moved something in my spirit and there was a connection. We both knew there was a reason for the connection. No words were spoken directly to each other, but there was a subtle shift and if I weren’t listening to my heart I would have missed it. There didn’t need to be any words, but I believe we have been led to work together and I am grateful to the many prayers and support I have received to get to this point so far. I am supported on this journey, and blessed and that is why I know Unscathed Beauty will be an incredible piece of work- perhaps my best achievement yet. Wendy Millgate
has the words… (Wendy & Words) and Wendy is now my editor.

We stayed in contact through emails and social media, but we were not able to catch up until Friday 3rd May 2016. While I shared my words and my heart for my book with Wendy, nibbled on copious amounts of chocolate and drank lots of tea, I also cried over my heart to change this space for women and men, and those who are struggling to overcome adversity based on childhood experiences. Wendy listened.

Unscathed Beauty is the first of many books that I will write. Someone once said to me, ‘…. as if you will ever write a book.’ Well I have now – and I could say a few things to that someone… but maybe I should thank them. When someone says I can’t, I say, ‘I can so!’

I finished my final draft of Unscathed Beauty a few months ago, and it has come together nicely. Now it is sitting in the capable hands of Wendy who will dissect it and pull it apart, so I can bring you the best version of Unscathed Beauty that I can.

Together with my friends, family and you, we will set about on a road to change how we view the #CyclesOfSilence that perpetuate our homes and communities. We will make changes, we will shine a light in a really dark space, and we will bring hope and healing to people that need restoration.

Together we will unleash our #UnscathedBeauty and help others find theirs.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 5.52.45 PM

You are valuable and loved - Kelly

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 10.35.31 PM

It doesn’t matter how many times I get on stage and speak… there is a moment of truth between knowing I am meant to do this; this is my call… and the thought of, what on earth are they going to think of me? The voice of my childhood has always weighed heavily on me, in the sense that it always floats annoyingly in the back of my mind. It takes commitment to myself and absolute conviction in what I am doing to drown it out.

One of the I have found in myself- and in my own experience of people who have experienced childhood trauma is this: We have learnt to survive based on how people perceive us. Generally, we develop strategies which ensure self preservation, by keeping people in our circles happy and making sure that we are seen as “good.” You are a people pleaser- generally speaking, which in itself is not a bad thing however, we can tend to spend so much of our time trying to make others happy, to keep peace that we very quickly lose sight of our own being.

I firmly believe that this survival mechanism has been formed out of fear- fear of being found out, or the shame of ‘the secret’ being revealed. It is perpetuated by the predator, who plays on this fear as a silent manipulative means to keep you quiet and trapped in your childhood nightmare. “what will mum and dad think of you if they knew…?” So you hold on, and you maintain your image- after all, by keeping people happy, by making sure people like you and by swallowing your hurt and shame, no one will see all of that darkness and shame that you are so afraid to bring out into the open. No one can judge you and no one hurt you. Realistically, the only person who is really judging is yourself. We are always our worst critics, and in most cases the only one who has a negative perception of you, is you! As it turns out, you are like a treasure chest of unexplored strength and character. You are amazing!

I am still afraid, sometimes my strength fades into the dark recesses of my stomach and churns there. Then the prickling sweat of self consciousness rises up and tells me to run. I take a moment and I think about what I have to do and remind myself, people don’t talk about this stuff for a reason- so it is okay to be afraid, but I will not be defined by that fear. I acquit myself of that fear and remember those emotions are not my own, they belong to him, my perpetrator/predator… so I take a breath, I hold myself proud and I know that I will take up that baton no matter how it feels to me- I know it is temporary, and there is a much greater freedom I can give to someone else by being vulnerable.

It has taken me a long time to hold my own image and value, to let go of what I perceive other people will think- at the end of the day they were lies fed to me out of a predators own cowardice and fear. I am strong, I am valuable and I have a mission- No doubt, so do you. Don’t listen to the lies of you past, but hold on to the beautiful person you are, and the courage that is in your heart.

While I plan in the future to speak on many things, sharing the deeply personal journey through overcoming sexual abuse never feels like it is getting easier. When I do speak though, when I begin to bring this issue into the open I feel strength begin to rise, and I know there is no other way- I am doing what I am meant to do. While I am still relatively new to this, I feel like I am exposing my rawness time and time again. I also know that there are stories in every one of us that has the ability to transform the world. When I think of some of the things I have come across in my work as a Police Officer, I feel like my story is really only minor in comparison to what I have seen, heard or dealt. However, I understand the gifts that I have been given to achieve this task and what has happened is opening a door. It’s a heavy door, one that reeks of deception and old age…. It’s dusty, but now is the time to open door and allow light into this very dark place.

I have the ability to make this stand, and remind anyone who has experienced child trauma or sexual abuse that they are not alone, that there is someone who understands their pain, the anger, fear and shame. To bring something so dark out into the light and remind people that no matter where they have come from, or whatever their story that each of us is created uniquely, beautifully and with an absolute purpose in mind. To help men, women and children see their unique beauty and value and their Unscathed Beauty.

Furthermore, for those who have never felt or experienced anything like this, there is an awareness and understanding raised about an issue that generally causes people to run the other direction. Let’s stop running the other way on this stuff… we need to stand together people… we need to let victims who are true survivors know that they are not alone and can overcome their battles. They are valuable, loved and certainly not a shameful secret. It is time to unshackle the shame- to conquer our fears and unleash our #UnscathedBeauty


kelly's image by Christian Del Rosario

It’s time to unleash the beast. The time is now! It is time to step up and step out. This weekend I will travel to Sydney with my partner to the #SpeakersInstitute, Sydney to get bolder, stronger and gain more skills to bring my message to Australia and the world. In a three-day intensive boot-camp I will let the lion inside me loose and I will roar or perhaps squeal…

I have been speaking for a few months now about my heart to change the cycles of abuse which perpetuate our society. To bring to light what happens in the journey of someone who has experienced abuse and the long-term effects that a person will deal with because of childhood trauma.

by Christian Del Rosario

John Maxwell Team event 2014©AttreoStudio All rights reserved 2014

It is time to start talking, to give people permission to have a conversation that sometimes remains as closed and hidden as the soul of the person who bears the secret.  The cries of little ones in dark corners and right under our noses go unanswered across the entire globe. Even right here in our unassuming tiny pocket of Australia, there are more secrets than many of us would think or believe. As the cycle continues and the culture of silence goes on, it is time to not just say the words, but to acknowledge the pain behind the problem and face it head on.

In a study conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology; 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men will experience some kind of sexual abuse before the age of 18 years. This is an epidemic and disease that must be eradicated and these figures are unacceptable. We must take a stand together and collectively become the answer. Let’s make a change. Let’s start talking about the hard stuff. Let us encourage conversations which are going to set people free, not cage people’s dreams. Let us get brave together. We must face our fears and hold on to those things that make us beautiful and unique. That is our courage and our strength.  That is our #UnscathedBeauty.

Much Love Kel XO



nz 262
Sticks and Stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me…right? Well, we now know this is a farce; and while we can all look tough on the outside, what’s happening on the inside sometimes seems just about as crazy as the world we live in. I have often found that despite my best efforts to
‘figure myself out,’ I have failed at times and revelation and understanding can take way too long… What is it about life that see’s us go through so many up’s and downs, rollercoasters, roundabouts, and repetitive cycles?

Why do feel like we are stuck sometimes and really can’t find our way out of the murky waters of life? I believe and I always have, that the power in whether we move forward in life is ultimately up to us. To you and me to be strong and make decisions that move us forward in the direction or our goals. Not to let others come along and speak negatively in our life, or poorly influence us, or distract us from what is important.

It is a very difficult journey on your own, and as a childhood survivor of sexual abuse, I know only too well what it feels like to be alone in the middle of a struggle. What I have learnt is that it is much easier to reach out and be vulnerable for a moment to enable you to be strong for a lifetime. You can give all the self-talk and positive affirmation you like, but the journey is much easier when we surround ourselves with people who help to push us in the right direction and fuel our dreams, ignite our passion, share our values and absolutely love us unconditionally. Sometimes that is hard to find, but we have to make a decision to be brave, and seek out the people who will support and love us, and help us grow positively in this journey of life. This includes people who will undoubtedly speak positively into your life.

It turns out that there is some science behind this positive affirmation thing and I can say with 100% certainty the language I speak about myself and allow others to speak into my life really does make a huge difference to my level of success, and my ability to overcome in any situation.

Take this for example; we all know that the human body is made up of mostly water; in fact according to Dr Jeffrey UTZ, a Neuroscientist in Paediatrics from Allegheny University; babies have the most water percentage in their bodies at around 78%. This changes as the child grows to around 60% in adult hood.


Dr Masaru Emoto Water Crystal – a happy one!

While I am no scientist and certainly no neuroscientist;  the research of Dr Masaru Emoto provides a great metaphor for the power of positive speaking and affirmation. Dr Emoto, a Japanese author, researcher and entrepreneur, who delved into the research of Water, Consciousness and Intent. He believes that water is the blueprint for humanity and has studied how the water structure changes depending on the energy it is given i.e. music, love, gratitude, positive affirmation and conversely feelings of hate, anger and the like. Watch some of Dr Emoto’s water research here.

The water given the love, gratitude and positive affirmation stayed clear, and when being examined produced beautiful crystalline structures, and the water given the negativity and hate produced deformed and dark crystalline structures. The same is true for a rice experiment which he conducted in the same way,
Dr Emoto’s Rice Study  where the rice given the love, and positive energy was shown to stay almost normal, while the ‘hate’ rice turns dark and quite frankly, rather gross.

While there is undoubtedly much praise for Dr Emoto’s research, there are also some sceptics. It makes a lot of sense to me though when we consider how much water makes up our being, and what we put into our body, how we speak to ourselves and let others speak to us, can really change how we look and feel.

Regardless, it is clear that when we speak love, joy and happiness into someone’s life, and tell ourselves things that will improve us, grow us and make us shine, then we will achieve success and radiate while doing it.

Those who are spoken poorly of; speak poorly to themselves, who are abused, hated and rejected, those who put chemicals, drugs and pollutants through their body; they may look good in the beginning, but eventually, the darkness and the distorted nature of that negativity will destroy and darken the spirit and the mind.

Life will throw us off track at times and it may be hard to connect with those who are passionate about the same things as you. You may not even know what it is you are passionate about, but when you spend time with people who make you feel good about who you are, and what you like, you will probably find your passion will find you.

If you are not feeling so crash hot and the world seems to be dragging you down, have a look at what you are putting into your body. Ask yourself; have I given myself some love today? How can I connect with people like me? Don’t think you are alone ever, there are thousands of ways to connect with people- just start putting it out there and talking to people and you will find your answers.

There is value in looking after you, and loving and supporting other people. Look after your body, and your mind, and you will shine!

Much Love, Kel xo

Sharing my story, IWD March 11th

International Women’s Day Celebrations- 2016 

I was so privileged this past week celebrating International Women’s Day with so many of my colleagues and friends across the Queensland Police and Emergency Services. What an incredible week it has been. I have been surrounded by phenomenal women (and men) with amazing stories that have both inspired, bought joy, hope and reminded me what is important in my own life, and it is only the beginning. In spreading my own message, and sharing my story, I only seem to find meaningful and wonderful connection, love, friendship and support. This was certainly the case at this years Crime Stoppers International (Pine Rivers) High Tea and International Women’s Day event on the 11th of March at Kallangur. I was so grateful to come and share my journey at this lovely event.

This week has brought me to my knees, I have cried, I have laughed, and I have even held others in my arms while they cried. I am constantly learning from other peoples journeys, their hopes, and it all comes down to one thing. LOVE. It’s a love I cannot describe because it surpasses anything I fully understand.  I can only say that it is and always has been bigger than me or anything I can do in my own strength. All I know is to keep walking, even when I can’t see where the next step falls. That is faith. When you align your heart with your head, beautiful things happen even when you are scared, when you feel alone, or if you feel unloveable, broken or like you are failing. You are never alone.

For me, it is an answer to a long awaited prayer, and all I really needed to do was say no to my fear. I have struggled more than anything in the last few months to harness my courage and strength. I have much to do, but I know that with the incredible support and love I have received from all of you, my friends, family, and colleagues, I cannot fail. I even have the support of the Queensland Police Service and for that I am grateful and so very humbled. I attended the International Women’s Day Event at the Pullman hotel, on the 08th of March and was Awarded a award for Courage, which I did not expect, or do I feel worthy. But I am humbled that the QPS is behind me in this journey. International Women’s Day Awards

I have many messages, and I do talk as openly as I am able to about how I have overcome Sexual Abuse; and there are many reasons for this which i will share in a later blog for you, but essentially it comes down to this. Your past does not define who you are, or who you become. No one has the power to take your voice. You are made with a purpose, a passion and you are incredibly unique. There is nothing that can stop you from achieving the desires of your heart. “It is time, to conquer your fear and unleash your Unscathed Beauty”

Thank you for coming on this journey with me. Thank-you for sharing your heart with me and allowing me to speak to yours. It is only when we work together can we really affect change, and I can’t do it alone. Bless you my friends.

Much Love, Kel.



Roaring Lion

How Big Is Your Lion? Photo Credit


My Roaring Lion

The innocence of love, The innocence of life,

The ignorance of knowing, or not knowing what is right.

The butterflies of darkness rise up like a wave of fear inside

As the tide of nausea beckons with a message; run. Hide.

Fixated I stand, too scared to comprehend, a moment, a choice,

The uncle whom was trusted and loved, the same who took my voice.

The prickling sweat of hurt, betrayal and all that is lost,

Cannot compare to my innocence, which his cowardice has cost.

Yet scars and time do heal somewhat, as the lion inside me rises,

And though time ticks so slowly by, I’m done with compromises.

I humbly stand right here, right now, a survivor who has overcome,

It’s painful, sad, but it’s true I am not the only one.

It is time to unshackle the shame, the guilt that sees you broken on the floor;

Until every man, woman and child, believes their lion can roar.


Kelly Humphries 2016