Fuel meter

It’s been an epic few months! Needless to say, I feel like I have been running on empty! It’s not just a metaphor, it seems to be how we are all doing things these days and we wonder why we feel like we are stuck in a rut and ineffective. In reading this quote, and a few things happening this week, I decided it was time for a blog!

The importance of actually taking the time to reflect and review is essential to growth, but also in our healing journey. The art of healthy hyper-vigilance-If there is such a thing is anyone’s guess, but it lies somewhere in between a healthy balanced life, looking after yourself and an understanding and awareness of self. (I just came up with this based on my own experience, but It totally makes sense when we consider that most of us these days are operating at a high level of alertness and that is the norm. Any survivor, law enforcement personnel, or anyone living in a stressful lifestyle will understand hyper-vigilance)

When it comes to actual self- care… pfft… In the words of ‘Kimberly Sweet Brown’, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”

I realise in the writing of my book “Unscathed Beauty,” and working full time and trying to balance all that I do – I am no expert and I am still learning. In fact, I have had many failures. However, one thing that I have come to recognise these past weeks is the power of self-care and discipline in healing. I have always known it’s important, in fact essential but the thing that I have always used as a coping mechanism. (busyness and distraction) mean’s that I haven’t really addressed parts of my healing that could well have benefitted from some actual intervention and time out.

It is very easy to get caught up in the chaos around us, whether that be our own chaos, or someone else’s. It’s a rare art form to maintain the external mask on the outside, and appear to the rest of the world like your world, ‘as they know it….’ is perfect. Its hard work keeping that mask looking unfazed… We become the masters of burying things, passing them off as nothingness, like pushing aside the panic attacks, dismissing those sweaty palms and failing to address fundamental issues that matter, like sleep!

Pretty soon we end with a very ugly mask… kinda like I was the other day and for the whole of this last week… sick, more snot than I knew what to do with…and quite literally my heart racing as I was running on empty… and barely making it to the destination. (I literally had been rushing around, going to doctors, looked horrible and almost ran out of fuel! It was a great metaphor for where I was at) 

When the case of Cardinal George Pell came through and there was huge media coverage surrounding the case and sentencing. A number of people messaged me and asked why I thought they weren’t coping, why they all of a sudden were struggling with issues they thought long buried, and why they felt triggered. This is when I wrote the blog, HARD WIRED TO SURVIVE.

I had to ask myself some questions then, and I find myself asking similar questions again in the aftermath of releasing my own story “Unscathed Beauty,” to the world. I have taken a step back, because I have at least learnt when I need to rest… recognise when I need to address certain issues, and ensure I follow through with what is important so I can remain effective. (not to mention friends and family in my ear about not burning the candle at both ends!) Maybe you have been through intense periods yourself… and perhaps your candle was burning at both ends!

There were a number of intense emotional battles throughout the entire journey of writing that I had to overcome, but particularly in those last few weeks there seemed to be a number of hurdles that presented right at the last minute. Almost like someone was saying, you can’t do this…it’s too hard… It made me fearful, afraid and wondering what people would think. Old fears I thought I had overcome had re-surfaced. New fears had reared their head. New problems emerged and problems I thought I had fixed decided to show up again.

Its been a couple of weeks since the launch, and while I have still got lots to do I feel like I can breathe a little sigh of relief! (Thank God!) It’s time to refocus again…

Without writing another book, here are a few things that I am trying to focus on to achieve better self-care in order to be more effective. Some things I already do daily, others… well they have been a little neglected and pushed aside!

  1. SLEEP! Maintains healthy brain function, vital for good mental health, focus, and personal safety! Being tired means, I feel like I am in a fog. Unable to think, reason, or process information effectively.
  2. Eating a more balanced diet, increasing water, and increasing healthy food choices.
  3. When I observe triggers arising, take note, and deal with them immediately or in the near future. i.e. Panic attacks, or sweaty palms. When do they happen? What is it that is making me feel like this? Why now? (The quicker these issues are addressed, the less they become a problem as we seek to understand the why, and the how- means when the trigger arrives again we already have a strategy in place)
  4. Set boundaries and stick to them. I am still working out what these are for myself, but setting boundaries can sometimes be a hard thing to do for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind. It is very hard to say what you need. It is even harder to enforce that boundary when it is challenged. For many, those boundaries have been violated and shifted, and for survivors it is ingrained into the psyche that what you want you simply either can’t have, or it comes at a cost i.e. your safety. (takes being brave continuously to a whole new level) A boundary could be simply (Personal boundaries) “I have the right to feel safe in my own home,” Or “No one has the right to enforce their thoughts, values and opinions onto me.” “I can say what I need without feeling judged.” (This is something I plan to do a lot more work on in the next 12 months!)
  5. Make decisions. (i.e. a conclusion reached after consideration (Oxford Dictionary)) Be brave in making decisions that hold value for you. Conclude means it’s final.. that is cutting off other thoughts. This is also about sticking to your boundaries, But I think it’s very important to the foundation of all you do. When you decide, you cease to give energy to things that are not taking you towards your goals.
  6. Make self-care a priority, even if it’s not a long time, ensure that you find some time each day that is simply about taking some time out.
  7. Acknowledge that you don’t have to do everything on your own. It’s okay to bring other people who you trust) into the situation who can help you. (i.e., a doctor, psychologist, friend)
  8. Hold your vision. While things can seem crazy, tiring and chaotic, don’t lose sight of what you want to achieve, your goals and your vision. It’s easy to get lost.

To do any of the above, and to look after yourself it really takes some discipline. That means holding on to your values, and the rules you have set for yourself… its hard, because when they are challenged, even by your own thoughts, the default emotion is shame and guilt. We then have to battle with this… and some people will play on that… but hold on! Stay brave and surround yourself with people who want you to succeed and be your best.

When you do have those triggers, or when something pops up for you that is challenging, i.e The Pell case, ‘Get help.’ Don’t ignore the feelings… my thoughts are simply that you have a choice now in allowing yourself to heal from whatever it is you are feeling. We can push it back down and the stress and effort it takes to hold that in will eventually rear its head elsewhere. Use the opportunity to heal and grow as things pop up for you.

Hope this helps a few people refocus and refuel the empty tank…!

Much Love,

Kel XO

Hard wired to survive

A dear friend of mine recently said, to me after I come across yet another obstacle in my journey to getting my book published, she said, “Oh Kel, Why do we always have to constantly be so &**()^ brave?” I actually dismissed the answer at the time… I didn’t mean to, but it’s such a big question.

I want to address it now at least, part of it. The mere definition of Brave means,“…to be ready to face and endure danger and pain, while showing courage and without showing fear…”Cambridge English Dictionary

I’m not sure how to answer her question, but i’ll give it a go! Here are just three ideas out of my list I would like to share with you about the struggle to keep our head up!

1.We are Hard-Wired to Be Brave.

We talk about fear all the time like it is a bad thing. We talk about being strong for a long time like it’s a bad thing. We talk about being in and enduring pain, fatigue, loneliness, heartache and trauma like its all so terrible. Well yes it’s not nice, its not pleasant, and its certainly uncomfortable and at times quite tragic…But we seem to forget… we were born… so we could live. We were born so we could survive.

Our body has been gifted with certain things to help us. For example; our brain, body, physical strength, creativity, and emotions all make up our hard wiring. If we never had a difficult time in our life, our brain would have no idea how to conceptualise what it sees, how it responds and the kind of reaction it will have to something. Your brain is wired with an internal alarm system.  Too much stimulus could quite possibly make the hard wiring short circuit, and that is when other coping strategies step in… then we learn to survive.  Sometimes those circuits rewire and make new pathways. Your brain is amazing like that.

We were born to survive and we are hard wired to ‘get through stuff.’ It can be tiring… but its not all bad! Our brain was designed to deal with things that scare us…and to come up with solutions and solve the problems in front of us. That creates resilience. It creates character. It builds people. You can be brave, you were born with the wiring in you!

2. Being Brave Leads to Growth.

Challenging yourself when you feel afraid, allows you the chance to grow and learn. If you have a fear response to a certain stimulus, learning to recognise whether it as a good or bad thing is a learned response. Challenging those learnt responses is what will provide you the opportunity for growth, healing, and change. That is part of the battle. The other, is knowing you will be safe when you open the door to that fear. Knowing what will happen when you accept that challenge. Will you be okay? Can you control the outcome?

Sometimes the greatest opportunities for growth come when you are brave enough to stop assessing the risk and just do it anyway. You cannot control everything. But you can learn how to challenge your fear responses.

3. Being Brave Helps us Move Forward.

It’s easy to stay where it is safe. It is easy to say that I can’t do it. It is easy to stay where you know, where nothing can get you, harm you, and kill you. Moving forward is an unknown. Yet we all want something in this life and that means we have a decision to make.

Do we stay where it’s warm and comfortable… or do we set sail and make the most of the journey we have. By being brave, you give yourself the chance to have the life you dreamed about before whatever hurt you made you too afraid to go and get it.I’m trying right now NOT to let those things get in the way of what I do next. Don’t stay where you are too long… you might miss the chance.

Yes I know how it feels to be tired. For those who have an understanding of the bible you might be familiar with the word Long-suffering.  I’m not saying don’t be comfortable, but just don’t hide when it get UN-Comfortable.  Be brave enough to see why you feel that way, and challenge the feeling.

We live in a world where we want things to be done now… and that includes wanting the pain to go away, the anger, the hurt. They are there for a reason and teach us about ourselves. We must listen. It also teaches us that we believe in something, that we love, are loved and have value.

We are all on a journey. Just don’t miss the best parts of it by being too comfortable. Trust that you have what it takes and move forward in whatever circumstance you are in, knowing you are hard wired to survive, to be brave… and you have what it takes to learn and grow.

world is your playground

“An enduring symbol of happiness is the delightful little Bluebird. Bluebird beckons the day with the simple pleasures and sings the song that happiness is possible, it is the gift you give to yourself. If you are going through a dark time, Bluebirds remind us that things will be brighter, just hold on and get through this day” 


When I was just a small child someone in my family- probably my beautiful mother bought me a Bluebird badge. Engraved with my name, I never knew for sure what it meant- or did I? Recently when looking for photos for my book, #UnscathedBeauty I found my Bluebird badge. I started to put things together in my mind and I realised just how much this enduring symbol of happiness had sat with me. How I had held on… for dear life.


Me- about 5 years old. 

I would pray, from the very depths of my soul for Jesus to come and rescue me, that he would make me into a bird so I could fly far away, so I could be happy. So I could get away from him, my abusive uncle. In hindsight, I was mostly happy as a child and prayers were answered, i just didnt know it then. How? While all this sexual abuse I had been going through kept happening- I held so tight to the simple things in life. The moments of joy, the cow poo fights with my brother, pushing my sister around in the washing basket and dancing in the rain in my underwear. The smell of mums cooking and baiting a hook while fishing with dad- not to mention catching a fish! Those were the simple things in life that made the darkness fall away, like the rain that washed me clean, and like my prayers that were sent to heaven, love restored me in a way that I could continue for another day. While the battle has raged for years, peaks and troughs… highs and lows, we learn, and life teaches us how to survive. Putting it simply, it gets better because we get better. We learn and grow.

See I did learn a lesson from the Bluebird… I learnt to hold on and I learnt to how to be free- it just took a while. I also learnt patience. I learnt to wait until it was safe and the time was right to fly…

I don’t know who wrote this poem- ‘the bluebird’, only that in my dreams I flew and still do, every night- Thats what I did- that is how I dreamed…that is also how I survived. 

The Bluebird while just a symbol has been a symbol which has held firm in the background of my life. As I looked up the Bluebird on the ever faithful google, so many things refer to the Bluebird being stuck in your heart… oh the metaphors… pretty little Bluebird… your time to fly is now. As I get close to the publishing of my book, I see how far I have come, and all that has been achieved.

If you are in a dark space, a struggle, a situation or circumstance that you feel you can find no way out of, take a lesson from me… from the Bluebird… hold on. Hold on to the moments of love and happiness in your life and embrace them. It may be the simplest thing, but when you are ready to look up again- you will find you are stronger, more courageous than ever before and the world really is your playground.

Much Love xo Kel

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.26.12 am.png

I don’t know who wrote this, only that in my dreams I fly, and every night- Thats what I did- that is also how I survived. 


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Blogs by Kelly

“Sometimes we dare to dream we have the ability to do something powerful: a thing, which holds meaning and purpose. Sometimes we are even brave enough to allow ourselves an opportunity to do that ‘thing’ we have always dreamed about doing. Even fewer times do we allow ourselves permission to actually do it!” Kelly Humphries- Author, Speaker, Coach

I believe that we all desire to succeed in our own way; to be the best that we can be and do something incredible with our lives.

Often times though we are clouded by life and the situations that surround us. We cannot see past our crisis and it’s easy to become buried, dark, depressed and lack lustre about life. We seek to understand and feel misunderstood. We grind through life, we hope and fall on our faces eating dirt and feel the whole world is on a vendetta to get at us.

Well, luckily… we have a choice… we can be de-vined by our painful past, situations or circumstances or we can choose to hold on to the vine and grow out of control.


I am reminded of this simple thing after spending a week in Sydney just recently, becoming an accredited results coach. I was all a-buzz with the collective consciousness, the incredible energy that permeated the training room and the sheer passion and enthusiasm of the other coaches to make a difference to others lives.

The vine was alive and full of life, and by choosing to be vulnerable, seek insight and tapping into the strength and knowledge of the others around me, I grew leaps and bounds in a mere 6 days. Growth can be found anywhere though, you just need to look for it. Seek like minded people. Be disciplined and choose to challenge your limitations by stretching through your comfort zone. You can do it!

I am now more congruent than ever with my message of finding, stepping into and unleashing my Unscathed Beauty- That is all you are and all you are meant to be despite life and all that occurs around you which would seek to bring you down. You have power and dominion over that darkness and can choose to walk in the light. Just decide!

So I ask you… what vine are you clinging to? Is it encouraging your growth? Is it inhibiting your freedom to move and step forward into the path you desire? Is your past keeping you locked in the shadows.

Grasp hold of your passion and purpose for this life and know that you have incredible value!

You owe it to yourself to put your personal growth at the forefront of your priorities. Don’t be separated from the vine. Get close to people who can encourage your personal growth and push you forward into your goals and future.

You deserve success and you deserve to Unleash your Growth. That is to be the best version of who you are, to have success and leave the legacy you have only ever dreamed of.


Thanks Team!

Thank-you to the incredible vine of people who helped me explode exponentially this past week and to my family for holding fort in my absence!

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Well done guys, you are getting toward the end of my 5-point plan to shine your best light in 2017! Are you ready to step up… and step out?



You should have now made your commitments for 2017, and written your 5x Statements of Achievement for each one of your commitments.



NOW… you can go ahead and move into how you are going to make these things happen! That is your 5x Actions to Accomplishment. This is essentially how you are going to achieve your commitments. You need to ensure that you make these actions achievable- and not things that you cannot possibly do; or we set ourselves up to fail. These of course can be changed, added to, increased or decreased. Why? Because life is busy, so put in what you know you can achieve, and then add more as you feel your capacity grow.

It looks like this… utilising point 1 from my Statements of Achievement-

My 5x Actions to Accomplishment are ways in which you will achieve each of your 5x Statements of Achievement. You can then add these into your schedule or calendar as you see fit and to what you believe you can achieve.

i.e. I am committed to my own personal Growth.

  1. Read 6 personal growth books during 2017
  2. Continue attending Toastmasters Meetings monthly
  3. Find an appropriate mentor by March, 2017
  4. Attend 2 Self Development courses during 2017
  5. Complete an individual development plan for 2017

actions-to-accomplishmentAll you then need to do is slot this into your calendar as you feel is appropriate.

You have done extremely well if you have decided to give this a go. I know I have much more clarity about what I am doing as a result of mapping out my own plan. It takes humility and conviction to which if you are still with me you already have.

5x Statements of Commitment (your unwavering commitments)

5 x Statements of Achievement (what will help you achieve your commitment)

5 X Actions of Accomplishment. (Actions in order to fulfil your achievements)

So now go ahead and set your actions to accomplishment and start moving towards your own personal success plan!

You deserve success. You deserve to achieve incredible things. You are made uniquely, for a unique purpose! Don’t miss it by allowing it to pass you by! Keep walking, moving, and pushing forward. Fix your eyes on the destination, the purpose and the intention. One goal at a time, you will get there!

For steps 1-4 see the following links!

You can find step 1/5 HERE

You can find step 2/5 HERE

You can find step 3/5 HERE

You can find step 4/5 HERE




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Is your house made of straw or is your house made of bricks?


You have already started the process by giving yourself the opportunity to get yourself set for 2017 and committing to a plan for your OWN success. Congratulations on getting to step 3!

If your still reading that means that you are indeed committed to the journey and I congratulate you! Thanks for sticking with me.

screen-shot-2016-12-30-at-11-00-08-amAs I said earlier I took myself on a 10-day journey of discovery in how to overcome trauma. Part of that journey was about stepping into my OWN success despite adversity. So while I contemplated life over a campfire in the bush, I
started my 5-point plan with a set of commitments. Before I was able to make any kind of commitments I needed to know what I valued and what was important to me.

SO… before you start on you 2017 plan lets ponder what it is that you are willing to commit to and what you feel that you can commit to.

There is no point making a commitment that you  cannot fulfil.

If you are reading this, you will be the first to know how Kel’s going to get it done… (Certainly not without help!) Everything comes back to the 5 commitments that you will choose to make. These are the things that you will not waver on.

To show you what I mean- this is at the core of my personal 5-point success plan there is no compromise on these because you must have a strong foundation in order maintain your focus and position. My head is set and ready- now it’s time to get committed.


Kel’s 5 Core Commitments.

  • I am committed to my faith/spirituality. (God/connection/meaning- purpose)
  • I am committed to myself. (my personal growth and wellbeing)
  • I am committed to my family. (Immediate/those who represent family)
  • I am committed to my friends. (Close Circle)
  • I am committed to my career. (Passion, Occupation)

See if you can mimic these 5x commitment with the understanding that commitment is about being dedicated and devoted to a cause. That is YOU.

In the next blog we will look at how we move into the next part of the plan. The next step is 5 x Statements of Achievement (what will help you achieve your commitment) and 5 X Actions to Accomplishment. (Actions in order to fulfil your achievements)

If I can do this- little farm girl Kel… you can do this; wherever you are! Just don’t give up!

You can find step 1 HERE

You can find step 2 HERE

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meme-blog2-of-5Where’s your head at?

It’s that time of year- where we think about what’s to come, and what we want to achieve – although its flying past already! Maybe you are feeling stagnant? Is it that you are turning things over and over in your head and seemingly can’t escape the rat race to find clarity? Are you desperate to move forward…or at least just move? Maybe you are already moving- well done my friend!

As I write this series I find myself smashing a Santa cookie with my cup of tea, I am grateful, for all I have, all I am and all those who love and support me… It’s Boxing Day, I have eaten too much food as usual… so I can forgive the Santa cookie- for today!

I am humbled. I reflect and start to think about the millions of things I want to do this year. I find that familiar feeling of frustration creeping back again, my anxiety sending up the hair on the back of my neck, and I find myself thinking- “How am I even going to get even one of these things achieved?”

Sometimes having ideation as my number one skill can be very difficult to balance let alone feel balanced at all. I need to ask myself, “where am I looking today? Where’s my head at?

I decided to try a few new things this year and I recently did a 10-day journey of self-discovery in overcoming trauma after my own childhood nightmare. I will share this journey with you over the next 12 months, but part of this journey was about how to move forward and step into my OWN success. I have already been a successful athlete and faced my share of adversity in this life, but as old scars have reopened I have found myself facing new hurdles, with old skills.

I needed a new plan and as I shared in my previous blog, I like things to be simple. We don’t need to be creative geniuses to have a personal development plan. You don’t need to be a CEO of a large business. If you are the boss of a household; that is a big enough job. EVERYONE deserves the best chance to succeed at life. Everyone deserves to find their #UnscathedBeauty.

To do this, to make my own personal development plan – I had to ask myself some questions, and get very real with myself. It was time to face up to the things that hurt so I could chase my dreams without carrying around a large weight on my shoulders. It is time to be brave people… I don’t want to be bitter and resentful when that time comes because I never achieved my hearts own desires. My encouragement to you would be the following:

  • Give yourself the quality time and space to make a plan- you deserve to be your best, and your best can take time. (set yourself a date and time and stick to it) you may need a few hours.
  • Find someone who is willing to be your accountability partner, someone who can help you achieve success, and help you answer the tough questions- without dulling your flame. This person may not be your spouse or partner but someone outside your immediate circle.
  • Be willing to get very real with yourself, face your fears and be humble enough to admit your own strengths and weaknesses. (This is what gives you the space to grow and understand your purpose)
  • Be committed to the process. (Like I said I have tried to make it simple- I don’t do complicated so roll with it and you will be surprised at the outcome) If for some reason its not working for you I will be happy to help clarify.

I also came up with 5 belief statements that act as Mantra’s- they are to help me stay true to my own self and pushing towards my goals. I would encourage you to do the same- you can borrow mine or make statements that will drive you this year.

For example.

1- I have integrity

2- I am valuable

3- I am focussed

4- I am passionate

5- I will make a difference

What this does is creates a mindset for success- its like ploughing and fertilising a field before planting the seeds. You have to have your head right!


Take the time to answer the tough questions. You are worth the effort and the journey to success. As Debi Auger- a business professional says, “Before you can master your business- or your life, you must first master your mindset.”

Stay tuned for part 3 moving into your best- Kel’s 5-point plan for success.

You can find step 1/5 here.






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Step 1- Knowing you need a plan- committing to the idea.

Knowing why you need a personal development plan is essential.
It doesn’t need to be hard… or complicated… but failing to plan, is planning to fail…

The older I get, the fatter, wrinklier I seem to become and the less I seem to know about some things. While I am not too old, I find that no matter where you go, or who you are- In the words of Ellen DeGeneres “I believe that we can all come together because if you take away the labels, we’re all far more alike than we are different.”

We all get caught up in life. We all seek happiness, love, contentment and satisfaction. For the majority of us, it is a battle. Some of us are better fighters than others, but that does not mean there is not a warrior within capable of withstanding huge adversity and still succeeding. Many of us are restless. I know I am. I know what I want and I can see it… and I am hungry for it.screen-shot-2017-01-02-at-10-28-19-pm

It has not just come over night, and I am far from reaching my goal. I have realized that the childhood adversity I have experienced has cost me greatly in terms of my self-esteem, personal value and my progression. It seems, I have failed time and again.

But despite all that, I have learnt a great deal about myself, how to overcome adversity and with clever planning and support, still achieved incredible things. I believe we all have that #UnscathedBeauty inside of us- the part that no matter what adversity rears it’s head, we hold on to- it is the very core of who we are, our unique and incredible heartbeat. when life beats us up and pulls us off track, sometimes, we don’t even know if we have a heart beat!

I understand that it takes time, discipline and determination to achieve. The world has changed and I sometimes feel caught up in all that is around me. Social media, problems at work, problems with life, illness and injury… This thing called life is damn distracting! It is always going to happen and while I feel like sometimes there is no point… I have come too far to fail because I have not set myself up to succeed.

This is why you need a personal development plan: because we live in a world of chaos, and chaos rules if you cannot hold your own clarity and focus. That is the first step- understanding that you need some kind of plan in order to achieve.

Without a destination, you are just a ship floating on the ocean, running adrift wherever the wind takes you.

I can look at the Internet and find thousands of very overwhelming ways to make a personal development plan… and its seems a little complicated. Being the uncomplicated farm girl that I am I have come up with my own way to do this- and its really simple.

I want to share this with you and help you get set to be the best that you can be, for yourself, your family and your community. You deserve the opportunity to make your mark on this world. So, start thinking about some of these things to get your head in the right space.

What would you like to achieve in your life? What are you passionate about?

I will share with you how you can start achieving in leaps and bounds in 2017 with my 5-point plan for total success.

Stay tuned for part two of being getting set to achieve in 2017



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Happy New Year


Hey Guys! Are you ready for 2017?IMG_0055 copy

I know I am getting well and truly set with a new and exciting personal development plan. In trying to run the same race each year and not always doing so well, I want to make sure I set myself up this year to achieve all I want, so I can have an incredibly successful year.

Throughout 2016 I have spoken to many people across the community about sexual violence and how important it is to be brave and break the cycle! My book #UnscathedBeauty is coming along nicely, and I am starting to delve press into areas I have been too afraid or self-conscious to do. I have a huge and exciting plan and I cannot wait to walk it out!

I have struggled immensely up until now, within myself, and fought many internal battles to get to this point, but I have grown exponentially.

What I didn’t realise, as I have undertaken the journey of writing my book and starting to speak about what happened, is just how far reaching the effects of the abuse went and how much of my life had changed as a result. I know that the course I have been steered I am using to do things I never thought I would, and in many ways trying to help people overcome. What I also know is that these effects come when you
least expect them. Things like fearing confrontation. Pleasing others. Acting out of guilt and so many other things.

So, I took myself awaimg_6672y on a 10-day intensive challenge where I dealt with some of my demons from my past; that being the sexual abuse that occurred at the hands of my uncle. I went camping in a place with very few people; in fact I was mostly alone for the best part of 10 days in the bush. I underwent an incredible transformation within myself during this time.

While I was away, I started to come up with my own personal development plan. How I was going to walk free from that past and step into a new and wonderful success that belonged to me. That I was free and fully capable of achieving this success.

Over the next 5 blogs, I will share the process of how I set my personal success plan for 2017. It is called, Kel’s 5-point plan- to achieve the best success for yourself in 2017.

So please take a moment to peruse my plan, and use as your own – or in fact, I encourage you to use mine as a template to create your own plan. One that fits you.

Bless you and best wishes for an absolutely incredible 2017- STAY SAFE! STAY TUNED!



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