Kel’s Words- Poetry with Passion

This section of my website will be solely dedicated to the passion I have for words. I however do not have a particularly good memory, and I could not recite them to you if I tried. You may find encouragement, you may find insight, or you may find something completely random. Either way I hope you will be blessed by the words and the reflection. For as many years as I can remember, poetry; like song has given rise to an avenue of release for all that I have struggled with and all that I have seen. Words have helped me process life and learning; and sometimes it didn’t even make sense, but the paper never judged me, and the words never lied…

Please, if you share these with others for any reason; and I hope you do… Please link people back to my site here and who knows who you can help or encourage. These are my words. This is my passion.