that’s life! | 28 October 2019

After suffering years of abuse, Kelly Humphries finally got justice. Here, Kelly, 38, from Bororen, QLD, tells the story in her own words. Read More

Advocates and survivors demand tougher sentences for child sex abusers

7NEWS | 19 October 2019

While the punishment meted out to convicted paedophiles can end within a few years, their victims are sentenced to a lifetime of pain. And they have had enough. Abuse survivors, lawyers and advocates say sentences should be tougher. Read More

‘You grow up hating yourself’: why child abuse survivors keep – and break – their silence

The Guardian | 1 July 2019

The average victim takes 24 years to reveal their secret and disclosure is often the key to recovery. Earlier this year Erin Delaney revealed on Facebook a secret she’d kept from almost everyone. As a child she suffered physical and emotional abuse and severe neglect. The neglect had significant consequences, including a fractured skull from falling – which was only picked up when, after she vomited at school the next day, a member of her extended family intervened and took her to hospital. Read More

Abused cop shares her story

NewsMail | 25 April 2019

A MIRIAM Vale police officer sexually abused as a child has overcome adversity and is helping other child victims come forward. Senior Constable Kelly Humphries is a survivor. Read More

Can you recognise the signs of child abuse?

ABC Brisbane | 24 April 2019

On the Frontline – Senior Constable Kelly Humphries

Queensland Police Service | 19 July 2018

QPS officer’s recognised as Everyday Heroes

myPolice | 20 October 2017

Three Queensland police officers were announced this afternoon as the QBANK 2017 Everyday Heroes Awards winners. The QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards is designed to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Queensland community. Eight of the 18 selected finalists were from the QPS. Read More

Police officer’s lifelong work to stop abuse recognised

Courier Mail | 17 January 2017

Acting Sergeant Kelly Humphries has made it her lifelong mission to break the cycle and silence surrounding child abuse and sexual violence. As a sexual abuse survivor, her motivation is simple, yet resolute. “I just don’t want it to happen to anyone else,” she said. Read More

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