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support them.

maha melhem & Melinda tankard reist

The Complex Storm- Harmful Sexual Behaviours & P#rn

Joining her is Maha Melhem, Director of Melhem Legal & Consulting, with extensive experience in policy reform for child safety playing a pivotal role in the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Tune in as we illuminate how early exposure to pornography shapes harmful sexual behaviours in young people. These insights & advocacy are crucial for understanding & addressing this pressing issue. Don't miss this vital 2 part conversation!
dr. michael salter in blue

Dr. Michael Salter – The Hidden World of Familial CSAM Offending

Join your host Kelly Humphries and Dr. Salter to shed light on the often-hidden world of familial perpetration of online offending. The faces. The facts. It's real. This episode is essential for anyone passionate about safeguarding children and making a difference. Don’t miss this uncovering of vital truths.
panel of experts

Why is the telling so hard? The Disclosure Dilemma

Together, we delve into a pivotal discussion that seeks to revolutionise systems supporting disclosure. You can help! Join our live audience and be part of this transformative conversation!
australian of the year and advocate

Grace Tame, Campbell Wilson, and Steve Ball – Institutional Use of Abuse Material

Our host Kel Humphries, a survivor; is the research lead- working with Monash Universities' AiLECS', partnering with Bravehearts, and funded by the National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse. This will be a stirring episode with perspectives unheard, and an invitation to stand with survivors and advocates alike to impact change. Together, we can make a difference. Join us!
john cardamone on his black polo shirt

John Cardamone – Time is Love – A Survivor’s Perspective

Join Kel and John in an inspiring and empowering conversation giving a new insight into grooming, flipping the perspective to show just how perpetrators can manipulate the most powerful of emotions to take advantage of kids. Join us!
tiffanee cook in red boxing gear

Tiffanee Cook – Against the Ropes

Join Kel and Tiff in a deeply authentic, raw, and refreshingly honest conversation about challenging yourself, rising up against the odds and fighting back when you’re “Against the Ropes.” You would be crazy to miss this inspiring episode!
neil & justine in black

Neil Milton & Justin Dean – RECLAIM YOUR POWER Safeguarding Strategies For Healing Holidays

Join Neil Milton- Survivor and GM of ChildSafe Australia, Justine Dean- Survivor, Trauma and Relationship Coach and your host Kelly Humphries, former police, Survivor and Coach- for this epic holiday special!
jarad grice in blue polo shirt

Jarad Grice – Your Reference Ain’t Relevant

Jarad is a beacon of hope, and in this episode will share the driver behind this powerful campaign, bringing hope, and healing, and together with Harrison James lead Australia towards justice reform through changing this legislation.
kristi mcvee in white blouse

Kristi McVee – Our Kids Matter- The Guise of Grooming

Kristi McVee is a former Detective who has worked with children who have been victims of horrific crimes. She is an Author who has written about her experiences in her book Operation KidSafe- and advocates for children and families through her education and prevention work.
jon rouse in black suit

Jon Rouse – Saving Our Kids – The Uncomfortable truth

Hear world-leading child protection expert, former Detective Inspector Jon Rouse, unveil the uncomfortable truth around CSA and exploitation in this award-winning live-stream podcast.

Caroline Brunne – What else could be true?

Caroline Brunne - author, speaker, survivor, model, artist, and a mum is proving there is so much more. With her incredible story of courage through survival she will be sure to inspire you.
lizzie with surfboard

Lizzie Oz – The Trauma of Labels

Lizzie an avid surfer, hobby photographer and healthy living enthusiast knows only too well the journey to self-healing, self-discovery and personal growth. Join Kel and Lizzie in this powerful conversation delving into the turmoils of trauma to riding the waves to freedom. Surfs up!

Kelly is Remarkable

“Very courageous, insightful and from the heart. Thank you Kelly and Anna. Looking forward to the next episode”

“Thank you for tonight’s interview Kelly – I think you and Anna are so very brave. I’m a survivor who has found himself through chance working on CSE from a predictive analytics perspective. This is such an important conversation and mission for me – thanks for being brave enough to bring it to us and giving us a voice x ”

“We need to be Seen, Heard, Listened to and Believed – every person needs this! -Thank you for sharing”

“Wow. Thank you for sharing. Quite a few commonalities with what i experienced with the recalling. You sharing has given comfort knowing the recall experience was somewhat ‘normal’ ”

“Thank you both this has been amazing can’t wait for the next one”

“Powerful first episode Kel and Anna.

There were so many moments I resonated with… from fist pumps to big yes’s!

When you’ve walked a similar path you can’t help but not relate.

What I love is that we’re finally talking about our experiences in an empowered way.

Only 5 odd years ago there wasn’t a lot going on in this space.

The more we speak and share the more that people can be helped.

Thanks again Kel and Anna for inspiring me (and others) to share with strength and power!”