A podcast and live show for survivors and those who
support them.

The Pip & Rose Milthorpe Story - Podcast cover

The Pip & Rose Milthorpe Story – The Courage To Speak

Join Kel, Pip and Rose for a heart-warming journey of courage and a conversation that matters. Don’t miss it.
The Milthorpe Family

The Milthorpe Family – Justice Journey

With the help of award-winning journalist Nina Funnell, Pippa and Rose fought to tell their story of abuse under their own names and changed the NSW Justice system to help others like them.
Jessica Jasmin Podcast Cover

Jessica Jasmine – Rolling Back The Curtains

Join us for a passionate plea, and to put the spotlight on things unseen. We will be rolling back the curtains- please, don’t miss it!
Kevin laws pic podcast banner

Kevin Laws – Hiding In Plain Sight: A Walk Through Hell

Explore the dark world of child exploitation, undercover operations, and the resilience of survivors. Don't miss this eye-opening and heart-wrenching episode of the Off The Cuff podcast.
Neil Milton Off the Cuff

Neil Milton – Encouraging Conversations

Neil is passionate about embedding change through various social enterprises encouraging and ensuring supportive families that everyone has a voice.
Alison Geale - The Courageous Leader" episode of the Off The Cuff podcast cover

Alison Geale – The Courageous Leader

Alison has been on a difficult journey and sat in executive roles in some of the toughest industries for women in Australia.
Justine Dean - Sabotaging Through Survival

Justine Dean – Sabotaging Through Survival

Kel and Justine will chat about the BS we tell ourselves, and how we continue to play it small and remain hidden in the world.
Michelle Cannan pic - Off the Cuff podcast cover

Michelle Cannan – The Grief of Survival

Kel and Michelle chat about the complex issue of grief in healing from CSA. The thief of joy, grief is hidden under layers of anger and shame.

Dr Cher McGillivray – The Secret Demise of the Child Inside

Kel and Dr. McGillivra chat about the difficulty for survivors to reconcile with their inner child- the myths, sadness, and madness.

Scott McLaughlin – The Power of One

Scott courageously shares parts of his journey and highlights key strategies for men who are survivors and those who support them.

June Humphries – The Stigma of Silence

Kel and her mum share a never before heard account of a mother and daughter's journey into abuse which will bring hope, healing, and insight- and quite possibly tears and some laughter.

Anna Bowden – From Survival To Success

Anna bravely shares her story, and we cover themes of shame, breaking the silence, self forgiveness, patterns of trauma, self care tips, protecting kids, reasons for silence and so much more!

Kelly is Remarkable

“Very courageous, insightful and from the heart. Thank you Kelly and Anna. Looking forward to the next episode”

“Thank you for tonight’s interview Kelly – I think you and Anna are so very brave. I’m a survivor who has found himself through chance working on CSE from a predictive analytics perspective. This is such an important conversation and mission for me – thanks for being brave enough to bring it to us and giving us a voice x ”

“We need to be Seen, Heard, Listened to and Believed – every person needs this! -Thank you for sharing”

“Wow. Thank you for sharing. Quite a few commonalities with what i experienced with the recalling. You sharing has given comfort knowing the recall experience was somewhat ‘normal’ ”

“Thank you both this has been amazing can’t wait for the next one”

“Powerful first episode Kel and Anna.

There were so many moments I resonated with… from fist pumps to big yes’s!

When you’ve walked a similar path you can’t help but not relate.

What I love is that we’re finally talking about our experiences in an empowered way.

Only 5 odd years ago there wasn’t a lot going on in this space.

The more we speak and share the more that people can be helped.

Thanks again Kel and Anna for inspiring me (and others) to share with strength and power!”