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Dr. Michael Salter – The Hidden World of Familial CSAM Offending

Want to uncover some profound truths?

Dr. Michael Salter is a leading expert in child sexual exploitation, a criminology professor at UNSW, and the author of pivotal works like “Organised Sexual Abuse.” With over fifty academic papers, his research spans mental health, law enforcement, and internet safety.

Chair of the Grace Tame Foundation and former president of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, Dr. Salter is dedicated to protecting children, with his work impacting change globally.

Join your host Kelly Humphries and Dr. Salter to shed light on the often-hidden world of familial perpetration of online offending. The faces. The facts. It’s real. This episode is essential for anyone passionate about safeguarding children and making a difference. Don’t miss this uncovering of vital truths.