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The Milthorpe Family – Justice Journey

Kelly Humphries – Author, Speaker, Survivor, Coach, and Advocate with over 15 years in law enforcement goes live with Pippa 18, Rose 14 – Survivors, Advocates, Campaigners, Change-makers with their amazing parents Michelle and Brent Milthorpe sharing their amazing journey to find justice.

Courageous Family- Courageous Legacy. With the help of award-winning journalist Nina Funnell, Pippa and Rose fought to tell their story of abuse under their own names and changed the NSW Justice system to help others like them.

The Justice Shouldn’t Hurt Campaign is to focus on supporting children in court to make the process easier for children and victims of abuse. The Justice Journey is the Milthorpe family story.

Join Kel, Pip, Rose, Brent and Michelle for a heart-warming journey of courage and a conversation that matters. Don’t miss it.