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Tiffanee Cook – Against the Ropes

This guest packs a punch and in this episode, you will find yourself punching on with Boxer, Survivor, Podcaster, and amazing all-round human, Tiffanee Cook, and your host, Kelly Humphries.

In an epic bout, “Against the Ropes,” Tiff has punched well above her weight to challenge the world and punch life fair in the face. ‘The Boxer,’ by Mark Seymour, a new release song inspired by the resilience, tenacity and courage of this fair dinkum Aussie survivor gives us all hope we can stick to the fight.

Join Kel and Tiff in a deeply authentic, raw, and refreshingly honest conversation about challenging yourself, rising up against the odds and fighting back when you’re “Against the Ropes.” You would be crazy to miss this inspiring episode!