Unscathed Beauty

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Highly praised Speaker and Author of Unscathed Beauty, Kelly Humphries’ darkest fight becomes her brightest light as she fearlessly and bravely reaches into the heart of child abuse and betrayal. Kelly takes you on a roller coaster of emotions to ultimately inspire, equip and empower you with strategies, ideas, insight, hope and love.



Her darkest fight was her brightest light.

“Have you ever felt trapped – like part of you is missing? Maybe you’ve had your voice stolen, or perhaps nobody will listen… maybe you screamed for freedom from the chains, but instead found yourself drowning in a lonely sea of shame. Have you been stuck on the merry-go round of life? Cycles repeat, through the day, echoed in nightmares and tears in the night.” Kel inherited darkness and was robbed of her childhood innocence. She screamed at him, ‘Don’t fucking touch me! Get your hands away from me… If you ever touch my sister, I’ll fucking kill you!’ Kel was barely 8 years old when she was shown ‘what it was like to love.’ The bravery it took her to break her silence 11 years later will move you, as piece by piece she brings her shards of shattered innocence together to discover her Unscathed Beauty. Maybe you’re like her, Kelly Humphries, and somehow you got caught in a situation which turned your life upside down. With a vulnerability and rawness rarely seen, this journey will take you on a roller coaster of emotions. From the hilarious antics of the Queensland bush, and Kel’s outback home, to the profound depths of betrayal and hurt that Kel shares in a way that few will dare. Kelly’s darkest fight becomes her brightest light as she fearlessly reaches into the heart of child abuse and betrayal. Her hope and heart to break these cycles of abuse, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves by divulging, “her deepest, darkest secrets and how she found her way to the light”. (Melissa Downs – Australian news broadcaster). As a survivor with a law enforcement background, through her story Kel will equip and empower you with strategies, ideas, insight, love and hope. Join with her as she unveils “Unscathed Beauty”. This book has been described as “deeply profound”, “spiritually uplifting”, “beautifully written”, and “a reminder to victims of child abuse that you are valuable and loved”.

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10 reviews for Unscathed Beauty

  1. Renée

    Inspirational and informative! An up close insight into the mind of the child victim and the far reaching impacts sexual abuse has on adult survivors.

    • admin

      Thanks for your feedback Renee, as always you bless me with your ongoing support!!! Thankyou You are amazing xo

  2. Karen

    This book is honest, raw and confronting. It answers a lot of questions about abuse, and why it can continue with nobody in the family or community aware of the crime. Kelly’s bright spirit shines through, and although there is darkness, she also provides a funny and touching account of a joyful country childhood. This is a powerful true story, one which will inspire you, and offers real understanding and practical help to anybody dealing with the wickedness and manipulation that comes with abuse.

    • admin

      Karen- You know this book better than anyone! Thank you for your love and support! You’re incredible!

  3. Cheryl

    Well written and so very proud of Kelly to have the courage to stand up and make the perpetrator accountable for there shocking actions.
    I found so much of the contents was very similar to my story, however I didn’t do anything about it, so I suffered alone which in turn so did my family.

    • admin

      Thanks so much Cheryl, it may have taken me a while, but yes I got there in the end. You are not alone! If you haven’t already, feel free to join the Unscathed Beauty online support group 🙂 Thanks for your feedback 🙂

  4. Dianne

    Really wonderful and confronting book on a subject that isn’t spoken about enough. A lot of the experiences that Kelly had I can relate to, as it was my oldest brother who sexually assaulted me for many years. I felt very alone as a child and it is comforting and healing in a way to read of Kelly’s childhood, so relatable I was often in tears reading it. This book has helped me so much and I feel less ashamed and less angry at myself for not telling my parents what was going on. Thank you Kelly

    • admin

      Hi Dianne, thanks so much for your feedback. I appreciate your support. I am so glad that even part of my journey has helped you feel less ashamed and angry…! You are amazing! You are valuable! you are totally not alone anymore!

  5. Katrina Anthony

    unscathed beauty is a well written book with an important message . The authors style has a great mix of authenticity and story telling, addressing such a sensitive topic in a manner that is thought provoking, respectful and liberating.

    • admin

      Thanks So Much Katrina! I appreciate this feedback so much! I have certainly learnt a great deal on this first of many journeys down writers lane. Thanks for your support!

  6. Annie

    Never an easy Conversational topic …it’s books like this, that start conversations, reach out and connect with those unable to speak and provides inspiration to keep fighting the good fight

    • admin

      Annie, It is a conversation starter and I have had people tell me this, Thank you so much! Appreciate the support!

  7. Charmaine Dorothy Mann

    amazing too speak from so down deep and for you mum too be able too share her journey I truly believe you drew stength from each other and became stronger

    • admin

      We have learnt that there is indeed a great deal of courage to be found standing together. xo

  8. Janet

    Great insight into a world hidden behind red tape. Well written. Started reading and could not put it down. Well done Kelly for having the strength to open peoples eyes to the dark side of humanity.

    • admin

      Thanks Janet, I appreciate your support! Hope your well.

  9. Lisa L

    Unique and well written. A real eye opener and a must read for any parent or grandparent, teacher, child care worker, social worker and youth worker! Thanks for being brave and sharing your story to help others Kelly.

    • admin

      Thanks for your kind words hun, appreciate this so much!

  10. Justine Dean

    Kel has a naturally charming writing style and tells her story with humility and grace. This book is written with deep honesty, raw emotion and incredible insight. I would strongly recommend this for anyone who has been subject or witness to childhood abuse, anyone who loves someone who’s experienced it, and anyone who’s studying or trying to understand childhood abuse. It’s the most comprehensive explanation from the victim’s point of view I have ever heard. Well done Kelly, outstanding achievement, and thank you, this book will change lives.

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