Public Speaking

If you are looking for a speaker for your next event, look no further! Kelly is an authentic and powerful speaker, with the ability to move an audience to action. With an international psychology degree, a successful international sporting career, a certification with the John Maxwell team in leadership, a results coach and over 10 years in policing, Kelly has had a career which positions her as one of Australia’s foremost experts in navigating the road from trauma to triumph and recovery. Kelly boldly draws on her experiences and provides a unique viewpoint as both a survivor of sexual abuse, and 10 years in law enforcement. Whether your a school, business, not for profit organisation or community group, Kel tailors her message to meet your needs. Contact Kelly now and find out how she can help your business, group or school grow, be encouraged, inspired and uplifted.


Kelly, through her unique experiences and background, is soon releasing a number of workshops to provide businesses and organisations with a trauma informed awareness on how their employees and staff who may be experiencing difficulties can grow and prosper in the workplace. Through providing employers with strategies and an awareness of the impacts of trauma, to encouraging and providing ideas to strategically enhance workplaces and retain staff who may otherwise fall through the gaps. 1/5 employees report having time off work because they have felt mentally unwell in the last 12 months. Untreated mental health conditions are estimated to cost Australian Workplaces 10.9 billion a year (Beyond Blue). Organisations, and business leaders are in a position to change this and it makes sense to have a positive workplace culture, which enables those who may be struggling.

Personal Coaching

One to One Coaching, Please send Kel a message and she can help you find the best in yourself, and smash through your goals. No matter what your experience, background or situation, sometimes we all need a little support. Whether your fears are holding you back, you’re in a situation you can’t seem to shift, or you’re haunted by your past perhaps someone to help you through just what you need.

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Book Kelly to Speak at your next event, attend one of her forthcoming Workshops or enquire about Personal Coaching.

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