Praise for Kelly Humphries

Testimonials, Praise for Kelly Humphries

Praise for Kelly Humphries

Kelly is the real deal

Triumphant, resilient, authentic and a true light in the darkness. I am so proud to call her friend and together unit in the fight against child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Shine on

Philomena Brown Testimonial

You are giving them their voice

Steve AndLeonie Daly Testimonial

You are making a difference

Philomena Brown Testimonial

We love you Kel

Kimberly Peters Testimonial

Thank you for being here

Em Gee Testimonial

Keep going

Sharon Bulow Testimonial

Protecting the future

As you can attest, it follows you into adulthood and it takes a strong, brave person to acknowledge the hurt and do the long yards to heal… not easy nor fast. Children need a voice, a strong voice to advocate for their basic rights!! Your work is so important Kel. You make a difference!

Go Kel go! Engage with us for our future children

Kim Allsopp Testimonial

A story of strength and inspiration

Penny Lawardorn Testimonial

So proud of you speaking out

Adrienne Mary Testimonial

Kelly is the real deal

Rene Michele Testimonial

You are a godsend

Jackie Vloedmans Testimonial

A very determined woman

Jason N Nicki Wright Testimonial

Opening up pathways to enable other to talk

Deb Hodkinson Testimonial