Unscathed Beauty

This section of my page will eventuate into a place where those who have experienced childhood trauma, or darkness of any kind can really find hope, help and healing.

My book, currently with my editor is entitled Unscathed Beauty. What is Unscathed Beauty you ask? It is the undefined, sometimes unknown and at times very hidden parts of ourselves that help us survive. Sometimes we lock up our Unscathed Beauty to protect it from those that would hurt us, because we already know that it is our own and no one can have it.

It is the part of you that shines no matter what darkness surrounds you and the part of you that remains when all else seems to overcome, go crazy or cause us immense pain. You are beautiful. You are brave. You are strong. You are more than a conquerer. No one can take away your inner light, your soul and the very essence of who you are.

You are made uniquely and wonderfully with a purpose in mind. Let no person or circumstance take away your Unscathed Beauty. It is yours.

“Conquer your fears and unleash your Unscathed Beauty” Kelly Humphries.