Walking the talk


Acting Commissioner Brett Pointing, Hetty Johnston, Kelly Humphries, Mayor Pam Parker, Chief Superintendant Martin Mickelson.

Walk the Talk Soroptimist Event, Beenleigh, 28th of November, 2015.

What an incredible day I had yesterday, the 28th day of November, 2015. A day of celebration and advocation. That is, the celebration of community coming together to take a stand against Domestic and Family Violence, and Sexual Violence against women. As a women I believe its about celebrating our differences, and the beauty that is within each and everyone of us. I felt so empowered as I was reminded by my friend Hetty Johnston this week that I am on a journey and taking back my power. So I celebrate the joy of standing up for myself,  alongside some incredible people who represent strength and courage in our community. This week has been incredibly empowering for me as someone who has struggled through sexual abuse. When I say struggled, I mean I have had to work incredibly hard to peel the layers off and understand that I was born for more. That I am worthy of more. I felt a stirring in my heart and a rising up of my spirit as I shared that with the crowd at Beenleigh #Walkthetalk event. I had women and men share their embraces and some with tears in their eyes giving me encouragement. I had some share their stories and I am reminded just how fortunate I am. The prevalence of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse is beyond reason and I know the journey is a long one to reduce the stigma of reporting offences like sexual abuse, sexual violence and domestic violence. Sexual Violence and Abuse, and Domestic Violence is led in the statistics primarily by women,  but we cannot overlook for a second that these stats are represented by both genders, same sex couples and the result of sexual violence, abuse of any kind affects everyone. I believe victory can only occur with collaboration.

I was incredibly humbled to share the platform with Acting Commissioner Brett Pointing, Mayor Pam Parker, Councillor Steve Swenson, and Adrienne Cremin (representing Shannon Fentiman) among others. Incredible support was shown by our Logan Councillors standing up and advocating for Not Now Not Ever.

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